Caribbean Women In Trade: New Platform Launched!

Caribbean Women In Trade: New Platform Launched!

Caribbean Women In Trade

Willemstad - During the three days of the Curaçao Export Week 2023, Curaçao's Vice Prime Minister, Mrs. Ruthmilda Larmonie-Cecilia, officially launched 'Caribbean Women in Trade' on behalf of the Government of Curaçao. 'Caribbean Women in Trade' is a platform that facilitates networking and collaboration among women entrepreneurs and professionals from across the Caribbean region, as well as the diaspora established in other parts of the world, to enable their success in trade. The launch of 'Caribbean Women in Trade' breaks barriers and creates more opportunities for Caribbean women from different sectors and backgrounds to share experiences, learn from others, and work together towards common goals. The main headquarters of 'Caribbean Women in Trade' will be established in Curacao, and 'Caribbean Women in Trade' will become an official member of the Association of Women in International Trade in the United States.

During the launch speech of 'Caribbean Women in Trade', Minister Larmonie-Cecilia noted that this is a historic moment, especially considering recent studies that show Caribbean businesses where a woman is an owner face different challenges, such as limited access to financing, lack of training and guidance, and a cultural perception that favors male entrepreneurs.

All female entrepreneurs and professionals in the Caribbean or the diaspora can become members of 'Caribbean Women in Trade'. More information about this collaboration can be found on the Facebook page of the Curacao Export Week. They can register as members of 'Caribbean Women in Trade' for free by completing the form at the following link:

The Ministry of Economic Development (MEO), CINEX, and the Government of Curaçao firmly believe that women entrepreneurs and professionals can also contribute to economic growth and fantastic development; we just need to provide them with the necessary tools and resources to succeed.

Curaçao Export Week 2023 continues on Thursday, May 18, and Friday, May 19, with an extremely interesting program. For more information about Curacao Export Week and to see the program for the rest of the week, visit