Agreement signed for the production and export of asphalt.

Agreement signed for the production and export of asphalt.

Global Oil

Refineria di Korsou (RdK) and Global Oil Management Group (GOMG) have signed a 5-year agreement for the production and export of asphalt. Global Oil Management Group (GOMG), a prominent player in the specialized market of asphalt production and export, will undertake the necessary preparations to operate the facilities. It is important to note that this collaboration does not impede the ongoing process of finding an operator for the refinery.

Under the agreement, Global will invest millions of US dollars to prepare for asphalt production and will require approximately 300 contractors. They have also entered into a service agreement with CRU, which includes specialized services and security. Global will utilize 10 to 15% of RdK's facilities, leading RdK to increase its workforce for maintenance and production. Additionally, the collaboration will promote spin-off businesses related to the maritime sector.

Former Prime Minister Gilmar Pisas praised GOMG during the signing ceremony, highlighting the economic importance of the agreement and its positive impact on job creation and revenue generation. Over 300 technical jobs will be created this year alone, focusing on maintenance and operations. Global Oil Management Group will make significant investments and collaborate with local contractors to execute the initial phase of operations and subsequent phases for producing and exporting various products.

Pisas emphasized the trust and confidence shown by GOMG's multimillion-dollar investment and operational agreement, which strengthens the relationship with Curaçao. The partnership opens doors to international opportunities and aligns with the country's goals for the refinery's full reopening. The Government of Curaçao pledged continued support for RdK's innovative projects in the energy transition realm.