A Curaçao Film Production Achieves Historic Wins at Cannes World Film Festival

A Curaçao Film Production Achieves Historic Wins at Cannes World Film Festival

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Curaçao Production Achieves Historic Wins at Cannes World Film Festival

Visionary filmmaker Samueldavid Baromeo and A Willemstad Production have made a significant impact at the World Film Festival, triumphing in four prestigious categories with their short film "Cachot." This remarkable achievement highlights the talent of Baromeo, who hails from Curaçao, and his team's dedication to excellence in cinema.

On May 27, 2024, the team celebrated their historic wins at Cannes, earning awards for Best Indie Short (Low Budget), Best Psychological Film, Best Acting Debut by Shari Oleana, and Best Song by Levi Silanie. This victory comes on the heels of their success at the French Duck Film Festival on May 26, where they secured Best Drama and Best Trailer awards.

Earlier in May, Baromeo was honored with the Diamond Award for First-Time International Best Director at the Best Actor & Director Awards in New York. His exceptional direction also garnered him the Best Director title at the Berlin Indie Film Festival and awards for Best Director and Best Dance Film at the Cine Paris Film Festival.

The accolades continue to accumulate for Baromeo and his team, with nominations at the European Film Festival in Amsterdam and the Post Cinema Film Festival in Italy. They have also reached the quarter-finals at the New York International Film Awards and the Oniros Film Awards New York.

"Cachot" has been officially selected for screenings at Indie Short Fest in Los Angeles, IndieX Film Fest in Los Angeles, Independent Short Awards in Los Angeles, and the Chain Film Festival in New York, showcasing the film's global appeal.

Born and raised in Curaçao, Baromeo's journey from the Caribbean to international acclaim is a testament to his talent and the potential of Curaçao's creative community. "We take immense pride in showcasing our island's talent on the international stage through our filmmaking prowess," Baromeo said. "This achievement is only the beginning. Let us now embrace the challenge of the next step and unleash our full potential."

The production of "Cachot" involved a dedicated team including co-screenwriter Refael Kario, executive producer Baromeo, director of photography Refael Kariodimedjo, production designers Gihany Baromeo Basilia and Richanah Coenraad, and music by Levi Silanie and Angelique Monique Klooster. The comprehensive crew, from costume designers to casting directors, worked tirelessly to bring Baromeo's vision to life.

Samueldavid Baromeo and A Willemstad Production's continued success marks a significant milestone in the world of cinema, solidifying their place on the global stage.

Production Credits for "Cachot":

  • Directed by: Samueldavid Baromeo
  • Screenplay by: Samueldavid Baromeo & Refael Kario
  • Produced by: Samueldavid Baromeo
  • Executive Producer: Samueldavid Baromeo
  • Director of Photography: Refael Kariodimedjo
  • Production Designers: Gihany Baromeo Basilia & Richanah Coenraad
  • Music: "Keep Moving" by Levi Silanie, "Mi Orashon" by Angelique Monique Klooster
  • Visual Effects Artist: Shylverste Davelaar
  • Production Manager: Gihany Baromeo Basilia
  • Costume Designer: Gihany Baromeo Basilia
  • Sound Design: Clayton G.N. Ignecia
  • Art Department Coordinator: Gihany Baromeo Basilia
  • Lighting Equipment: Curaçao Filmcare & Truss by Rich


Special Thanks:

  • Marlon R Look
  • Bert Aengenendt
  • Eddy's Place
  • A Willemstad Production