The Time for PROTEUS™ is NOW

PROTEUS™, will change the way we explore and relate to the Ocean. Conceived as the International Space Station of the Sea, it is a collaborative global platform for researchers, academics, government agencies, and corporations to advance Ocean science.  The platform will provide a transformative setting to enable significant advancements in climate solutions, renewable energy, future medicines and cures, and sustainable food sources.

Site Mapping


Proteus Ocean Group's recent site mapping mission in Curaçao, with the help of strategic partners (Map the Gaps, R2Sonic & Carmabi) to map the entire marine protected area helped gain a bigger picture of the ecosystem and seafloor.  Not only was this a critical step in determining the precise location of Proteus’ future home, but a significant move towards the first, and important, data point in the regional database that will be developed as integrated data management system.

​This initiative also served Proteus Ocean Group's mission to share vital knowledge with both the local community in Curaçao and the greater global community, and contributed to the UN’s goal of mapping 30% of the ocean by 2030.


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