GoCultura Foundation Visits Curaçao

GoCultura Foundation Visits Curaçao

Go Cultura Foundation on the Creative Industries (R)Evolution and Opportunities

Go Cultura Foundation on the Creative Industries (R)Evolution and Opportunities

During the Curaçao Export Week 2022, Edjean Semeleer of Go Cultura Foundation in Aruba was invited as speaker at our event; Creative Revolution: disrupting the industry.

With Curaçao celebrating 25 Years of #Willemstad on the #UNESCO World Heritage List, we got to ask both Edjean and Arthur, president of Go Cultura foundation, a couple of questions about the Creative Industries and their experience in Curaçao.

Can you please introduce yourself and the Go Cultura Foundation?

Edjean Semeleer:

I am a singer, tv host, concert producer, and Aruban philanthropist. I have over 28 years of experience in the Creative Industries and since 2017 I am co-founder of Go Cultura Foundation. Here we focus on making the community more conscious about the importance of Arts & Culture and trying to influence decision-makers on the need to diversify the economy of Aruba.

Arthur Loefstok:

I would describe myself as a cultural entrepreneur with architecture being my trade. I can defend myself in different aspects of a business. No matter what is required, I will be able to handle it. I am the president of the Go Cultura Foundation. As President, I focus on creating the vision and strategy of the foundation. Together as a team we make sure the vision and goals are accomplished.

Go Cultura Foundation

Go Cultura Foundation is a platform created as an important ally for the local creative and artist. Our organization aims to make people aware of the value of our culture and the creative force of our people. We facilitate a connection between the commercial sector and the Creative Industries, raising awareness of the importance of culture and creativity for the economy of Aruba.

Last February we gave an introductory workshop on “grant proposal writing” for projects in the Creative Industries. These workshops provide guidance while focusing on the capacity building and empowerment of our Creative Industries. In the upcoming months, we will continue organizing these workshops but also concerts, conferences, and more publications.

The Go Cultura Channel is our digital platform that in the future will host educational and entertaining programs such as historic and biographical documentaries. At the moment we are focusing on a documentary on the flag and national anthem of Aruba. Interviewing for instance the arranger of our national anthem in 1976 living currently in Tampa Florida. This person is 94 years old.

Our biggest endeavor at the moment is “Cultural and Creative Industries mapping”. The countries that have formalized and developed Cultural and Creative Industries have taken this step. All giving an impulse to their Orange Economy. You need to collect data, research who is part of our cultural and creative sectors, define which sub-sectors are present in the cultural and creative sectors. It is the only way you can define an effective and successful strategy.

How did your passion for the Cultural and Creative Industries start?


For as long as I can remember, I was singing at family parties as a kid. My first stage performance was in March of 1994. I was 10 years old performing at the Cas di Cultura of Aruba. From that moment, I was exposed to entertainment and then later on started organizing concerts in Aruba and performing in concerts in Curaçao and Bonaire.


My creative passion comes from my background in radio management and architectural studies. I have worked for numerous radio stations, sound and lighting companies and also have been active in organizing events since the start of my career.

We met each other in 2005 by organizing concerts and now we are defining the industry, making it more relevant and also attractive. It is during our ventures that we noticed how much impact and jobs our activities created, how important the Creative Industries are for our economy and how many sectors operate together in it.

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