Reasons Masterclass, September 22, 23 & 29

Reasons Masterclass, September 22, 23 & 29

Cinex presents a three-day masterclass to dive into “Your Perspective, Your Investment, Your Reason” covering all areas of mindset in business and life in general. This event will conclude on the third day with a JCI  fundraising masterclass given by Ephrem J!   In partnership with CURINDE.


  • Why are you investing in Curaçao? What are your reasons? What is your investment?

  • Why does the investor invest in Curaçao? Who are these investors? What do they invest in? What are their reasons?

  • What is your perspective on these questions? Is it True? What is reality? 

  • Entrepreneurs can be the deciding factor to create the Curaçao 2030;  A Curaçao that is based on the philosophy of the doughnut economy. How?

  • Have an idea and don’t know how to fund it?

Do not miss it! 

Reasons Masterclass

Your Perspective, Your Investment, Your Reason, The Art of Funding Your Future
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