Frequently Asked Questions

Cinex provides advice, information, and assistance on all matters relating to investment including:

  1. Information and guidance on investment in Curaçao.
  2. General business information;
  3. Assistance to investors throughout the process of establishing their companies (incl registration, permits, obtaining licenses etc.)
  4. Facilitate contact with local authorities.
  5. Facilitate contact with the private sector.
  6. Missions & Matchmaking with potential business partners.

Foreign investors wishing to set up their business in Curaçao can choose from a variety of business structures. However, the Private Limited Liability Company (BV) or the Limited Liability Company (NV) are the most popular forms of vehicle for doing business in Curaçao. For more information on the Private Limited liability Company and the Limited Liability Company and other business structures, please click here.

The BV and NV are established by the execution of a notarial deed. At least one founder is required to form a corporation, either an individual or legal entity. Non-residents can establish a BV or NV by Proxy.

Click here for a list of required documents.

We assist potential investors from North America, South America and the Netherlands and other countries through CINEX’s offices in Miami (USA), Bogota (Colombia) and The Hague (Netherlands).

Learn more about the contact information of our international offices.

Cinex takes the efforts to participate in recognized forums and summits which are related to supervise and promote foreign investment, one of the associations that CINEX is a member is the Caribbean Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (CAIPA).