Trade & Distribution

Trade & Distribution

Trade and Distribution

Curaçao’s strength lies in its location at the crossroads of important trade routes and proximity to attractive markets. Curaçao can provide a good complement (connection) to U.S. or European companies with operations in South America and the Caribbean Basin, as a regional warehousing/ distribution center, or for distribution through intermediaries. Under intermediary arrangements, Curaçao trading companies manage the product for the investor in the region. Companies either operate in the economic zone to service export markets or in the World Trade Center to promote their goods and services to the U.S., Europe and other parts of the world.

The Curaçao Free Economic Zone

Curaçao has several economic zones. Two of them, one at the harbor and one next to the airport, offer opportunities for sales, warehousing, distribution, assembly, manufacturing as well as technical services. Land in the economic zone can be leased on a long-term basis, and showrooms and storage area for warehouses can be obtained at competitive prices. Companies operating in an Economic Zone are exempt from customs duties and turnover tax.  Goods sold or services rendered to the domestic market from the economic zone, however, are subject to the normal profit tax rate.


The following forms of service are permitted

  • Carrying out maintenance and repair work in the zone to the goods of businesses that operate abroad;
  • The execution of maintenance and repair work to machinery and other equipment located abroad with goods stored in the zone;
  • Imported goods may be stored, exhibited, serviced, repacked, relabeled, or assembled as a new product.

The World Trade Center Curaçao (WTC)

The 150,000 square foot complex offers businesses and institutions the possibility of further penetration into South America and the Caribbean region. Located a short ride from the airport, downtown Willemstad and the economic zone, the WTC includes a spacious exhibition hall, a very modern auditorium, separate meeting rooms, a trade mart where approximately 80 companies can have their permanent showrooms, a representative office building where international companies can rent space for their executive offices, temporary business units, a trade information center and a spacious reception room. The room is equipped with all facilities appropriate to the status of a world trade center.

  • Distribution center
  • Warehousing
  • E-commerce