Surveys initiated to establish floating wind-to-hydrogen production

Surveys initiated to establish floating wind-to-hydrogen production

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Curaçao has initiated offshore surveys as part of the island’s ambitious plan to establish floating wind-to-hydrogen production.

The survey vessel, Fugro Brasilis, has arrived at the Port of Willemstad in Curaçao, ready to undertake these vital surveys. This significant undertaking is in line with our commitment to identifying areas for floating wind development, following the memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed by the Curaçao government and the Dutch Minister for Climate and Energy in May.

Commencing on the 17th of July, and lasting until the 29th of July, these surveys mark the initial phase of our comprehensive exploration into the possibilities and feasibility of utilizing wind energy to produce green hydrogen while fostering the capacity to export clean fuels. Curaçao aims to position itself as a regional leader in wind energy-to-green hydrogen production, capitalizing on the findings of a study conducted by the esteemed Dutch organization for applied scientific research, TNO. The study highlighted the exceptional opportunity Curaçao possesses, owing to its strategic geographical location and favorable weather conditions, for highly efficient wind energy generation.

Led by Fugro, the offshore investigations play a pivotal role in this preliminary phase. These investigations will assess the potential, feasibility, and preferred options for our ambitious project. Specifically, the seabed survey, conducted within the borders of Curaçao's exclusive economic zone (EEZ), will collect vital preliminary data. This data will be instrumental in identifying and delineating areas that exhibit optimal geophysical characteristics, thus serving as prime sites for the installation of floating wind turbines.

These crucial surveys will pave the way for future development, as we strive to harness the power of wind energy and propel Curaçao towards a greener and more sustainable future! The goal is for Curaçao to become the regional leader in green energy production by converting wind into green energy.

Source: Offshorewind  ; Minister Cijntje