The tourism sector is identified as the sector with significant growth potential to boost the economy of Curaçao. Curaçao is becoming an ideal destination for visitors and it is often referred to as the best kept secret in the Caribbean and the ultimate travel experience by many renowned travel publications. Curaçao is authentic with a historical rich heritage. A cultural melting pot influenced by the African, Dutch, South American and Caribbean cultures resulting in flavorful restaurants. Curaçao has a vibrant nightlife, more than 60 impressive world-class diving sites and beautiful beaches. Water activities can vary from swimming with the dolphins to discovering the sea at a depth of 320 meters with the submarine. Outdoor adventures include: (kite) surfing, hiking, biking and ATV tours amongst many things to do. UNESCO has recognized the historic city center of Willemstad as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Furthermore, Curaçao offers a luxurious championship golf course, casinos and high end retail stores and has the North Sea Jazz Festival, the Regatta and the Carnival as well known annual events attracting visitors from all over the world.

Cruise Tourism

Curaçao has two port facilities for cruise liners of all sizes: the Mega Cruise terminal right outside the harbor and the CruiseTerminal with in the harbor. Theseseaportsare natural shelter ports. A second Mega Cruise terminal has been built and is currently in use. There is an upward trend and most probably the trend will remain growing taking into account that the second mega cruise terminal will serve as an additional berthing location for (large) cruises.

Some of the Cruise operators coming to Curaçao are: Royal Caribbean, Holland America Line, Pullman Tours and Celebrity Cruises. *2017 and 2018 figures are based on reservations.

  2017 2018 2019
Ships 282 297 313
Tourists 632,630 760,520 809,874

Source: Curaçao Tourists Board
* Estimate


Curaçao is the perfect destination for yacht and boat owners because it is outside the Hurricane Zone. The facilities are renowned among the Caribbean Islands. The facilities are modern and fully-equipped. Some can accommodate vessels of varying lengths and offer 24/7 security and other privileges such as private beach access. Some marinas also offer bunkering services, repair, dry storage, sea rescue services, hauling out and much more. The waters are safe and fees for services are competitive and attractive compared to the region.