New Industrial Commercial Zone

New Industrial Commercial Zone

New Industrial Zone



Willemstad - At the request of the Minister of Economic Development, Mr. Ruisandro Cijntje, the Council of Ministers has agreed to change the designation of one third (1/3) of the economic zone located in Nieuwe Haven (Koningsplein). This portion will become an industrial/commercial area that will serve for economic activities such as production, logistics and technological services, among others. More than 60 companies, both local and international, will have the opportunity to establish themselves soon in this industrial/commercial area.

Our current industrial park in Brievengat has been full for some time and Curinde, which is responsible for managing the industrial park, indicated that they regularly receive more requests from companies that want to establish themselves in an industrial/commercial area. This was the reason why Curinde approached the Government of Curacao in 2018 with the request to make the adjustment in the economic zone of Koningsplein to be able to meet the existing demand for an additional industrial/commercial area.

This request took some time, as it involves a change in the law, but finally the Ministry of Economic Development (MEO), the Ministry of Finance and Curinde can proudly announce that this has become a reality and thank the "Modernization of Economic Zones" commission for their hard work in finalizing this process.

The remaining two thirds of the area in Koningsplein will continue to be an economic zone and will continue with their regular activities. The area that will serve as an industrial/commercial area will have its own entrance through Dokweg, while the economic zone will continue to use the entrance from Nieuwe Haven. Curinde will work on the process of modernizing the economic zone law, which will also contribute to attracting other types of activities in the area.

Unlike the law that requires companies in the economic zone to export, companies in the industrial/commercial area do not necessarily have to be export-focused companies. Naturally, if one of the companies in the industrial/commercial area wants to export, they can do so freely. The companies established in this industrial/commercial area are subject to paying all taxes and VAT, which means that they will actively contribute to the economy of our country.