U-Boat Worx Sub Center on Curaçao

U-Boat Worx Sub Center on Curaçao

U Boat Worx

The U-Boat Worx story began in 2005 in the Netherlands where it continues to have its design and manufacturing base. Learn more about our heritage and why U-Boat Worx is the logical choice to build your submarine.

The wide range of U-Boat Worx models includes manned personal submarines that can accommodate from one to 11 people and operate to depths of 100 meters up to 3,000 meters. U-Boat Worx has grown year on year and evolved to become the largest builder of private submarines.

At the U-Boat Worx Sub Center on Curaçao there is a five-person C-Explorer 5 submarine ready for use, which is normally used for demonstrations and training of own and external pilots.

Website: https://www.uboatworx.com/